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13 November 2017

Axiom European Financial Debt Fund Limited 

Proposed Placing and Company update

Proposed Placing

The Board recognises the strong performance of the Company over the last 12 months and is pleased to announce that the Company is proposing to undertake a placing of new Shares under the Company’s existing Placing Programme (the “Placing”).

The Company sees significant investment opportunities in the market over the coming months deriving from improving fundamentals in the financial sector, combined with the acceleration of the Basel 3 transition period. The Company is seeking to deploy capital into the subordinated debt market to benefit from the positive credit actions by rating agencies, which should therefore support further spread compression. The Company will focus more specifically on the estimated €165bn legacy instruments universe, which currently provides (in the Investment Manager’s view) the most attractive risk reward profile in the subordinated debt market. As the Basel 3 transition period enters its last phase, corporate actions such as tenders and calls should accelerate, hence supporting valuations. With year-to-date returns in excess of 14%, the Company sees the current period as a very attractive window of opportunity to achieve its 10% long term target returns.   

Any new Shares issued pursuant to the Placing will be issued at a 1.6% premium to the latest published estimated cum income NAV per share, as at the time the Placing closes, to cover the costs of the Placing (the “Placing Price”).

Winterflood Securities Limited (“Winterflood”) has been appointed as sole corporate broker and financial adviser to the Company, and will act as bookrunner in relation to the Placing.

The expected timetable for the Placing is as follows:

  • Placing opens – 13 November 2017
  • Investors roadshow – 13 November to 6 December
  • Publication of estimated NAV used to determine the Placing Price – Week commencing 4 December
  • Placing closes – 1.00 p.m. on 12 December
  • Results of Placing announced – 13 December
  • Admission of new Shares – 15 December

The Board notes that the current discount on the Shares may impact the above timetable. In the event that the dates change or the Placing is delayed, the Company will make a separate announcement.

All Shares issued pursuant to the Placing will, when issued and fully paid, confer the right to receive all dividends or other distributions made, paid or declared, if any, by reference to a record date after the date of their issue. The Placing Programme has a maximum capacity of up to 500 million Shares.

Application will be made to the London Stock Exchange (“LSE”) for the new Shares issued pursuant to the Placing to be admitted to trading on the Specialist Fund Segment. It is expected that dealings in the new Shares will commence at 8.00 a.m. on 15 December 2017.

The Placing will be made through Winterflood, subject to the terms and conditions contained in Part 7 of the Prospectus*. The decision to allot new Shares to any person pursuant to the Placing shall be at the absolute discretion of the Board, following consultation with Winterflood and the Company’s investment manager, Axiom Alternative Investments SARL (the “Investment Manager”).

By making an offer to subscribe for new Shares under the Placing, investors will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of the Placing contained in Part 7 of the Prospectus*.  An investor that has made an offer to subscribe for new Shares under the Placing accepts that following the closing of the bookbuild such offer shall be irrevocable (subject to any statutory withdrawal rights).  Upon being notified of its allocation of new Shares in the Placing, an investor shall be contractually committed to acquire the number of new Shares allocated to it at the Placing Price.

Winterflood, in agreement with the Company and the Investment Manager, may choose to accept bids, either in whole or in part, on the basis of allocations determined, and may scale down any bids for this purpose, on such basis as the Company and Winterflood may determine.  Winterflood may also, notwithstanding the above, subject to the prior consent of the Company: (i) allocate new Shares after the time of any initial allocation to any person submitting a bid after that time; and (ii) allocate new Shares after the bookbuild has closed to any person submitting a bid after that time. The Company reserves the right to reduce or increase the amount to be raised pursuant to the Placing.

Company update

In addition to the Placing, the Board is pleased to announce that it is currently considering a number of changes that it believes could increase the appeal of the Company to investors. These changes include:

  • Publishing daily NAVs, instead of weekly NAVs;
  • Transferring the Company’s listing from the Specialist Fund Segment of the LSE to the Premium Segment of the LSE;
  • Replacing the 7-yearly discontinuation resolution with a commitment to provide full exit opportunities every seven years; and
  • Implementing a more specific discount control mechanism.

Further details of each of these proposals are set out below. For the avoidance of doubt, save for publishing daily NAVs, should the Board determine to implement any of the above changes, their implementation would follow the Placing, would be subject to further announcements, and may also be subject to approval by Shareholders.

Moving to daily NAVs

The Company currently publishes its estimated NAV per Share on a weekly basis.  However, the Company is in the process of updating its procedures such that the Company’s estimated NAV per Share can be published on a daily basis to provide Shareholders with the most up-to-date available information.  Further details, including the date on which the daily estimated NAV announcements will be introduced, will be provided in due course.

Transfer to the Premium Segment of the LSE

At the Company’s initial public offering, the Shares were admitted to the Specialist Fund Segment of the LSE (then the Specialist Fund Market). However, the Company has, since its launch, voluntarily complied with the requirements for a Premium Listing as set out in the Prospectus in the section entitled “Voluntary compliance with the Listing Rules”. The Board is of the view that the Company and its Shareholders may benefit from the Company transferring to a Premium Listing, in particular as this may result in improved liquidity in the Shares and would enable the Company to be available to a wider investor audience than is currently the case while admitted to the Specialist Fund Segment.  Therefore, the Board is considering the merits of applying to the LSE and to the UK Listing Authority (the “UKLA”) for the Shares to be admitted to trading on the Premium Segment of the LSE and to the Premium Listing Segment of the Official List of the UKLA.

Removal of discontinuation votes and introduction of periodic exit opportunities

The Company was launched with the intention to have an indefinite life and the Company’s articles of incorporation do not provide for a scheduled winding up. However, under the current arrangements, at every seventh annual general meeting, with the first such opportunity being at the annual general meeting in 2022, the Board is required to propose a special resolution that the Company should cease to continue as presently constituted (a “Discontinuation Resolution”). In the event that a Discontinuation Resolution were passed, the Board would be required to formulate proposals to be put to Shareholders within four months to wind-up or otherwise reconstruct the Company, having regard (to the extent applicable) to the illiquid nature of any of the Company’s underlying assets.

However, the Board believes that it could be in Shareholders’ interests to replace the discontinuation votes described above with periodic opportunities for Shareholders to realise the value of some or all of their Shares at a level close to Net Asset Value per Share. The periodic exit opportunities would be provided at the same times, but instead of, the discontinuation votes that they would replace. The exact mechanism for such periodic exit opportunities would be determined by the Board at the relevant time.

Any such introduction of periodic exit opportunities in place of Discontinuation Resolutions would be subject to the Board determining, in its absolute discretion, that the introduction of such periodic exit opportunities is likely to be in the interests of Shareholders and to Shareholder approval.  As part of reaching such a decision, the Board will consider, among other matters, the likely tax consequences for Shareholders of such changes to the Company.  Information in relation to such consequences would be provided to Shareholders prior to any vote to approve the introduction of such periodic exit opportunities.

Discount control policy

At the Company’s annual general meeting on 6 April 2017 (the “2017 AGM”), the Company was granted authority to purchase up to 14.99% of the Shares in issue immediately following the 2017 AGM, being 9,133,521 Shares. Together with the Company’s authority to issue Shares under the Placing Programme, the Board is considering the use of these authorities more proactively such that, in the ordinary course of business, the Company would issue or repurchase Shares with a view to maintaining the premium/discount at a level close to NAV per Share in normal market conditions. The Directors would consider a number of factors in determining whether to exercise such discretion, including: (i) the Company having sufficient liquidity and cash available for buybacks; (ii) any share buybacks not having a negative impact on the Company’s investment portfolio; and (iii) satisfaction of the solvency test under the Companies Law at the relevant time.  The implementation of such a policy is subject to further due diligence by the Board, including as to any tax consequences for the Company and/or Shareholders.

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