As part of its international expansion, Axiom Alternative Investments has decided to transfer all its French funds AXIOM EQUITY, AXIOM CONTINGENT CAPITAL, AXIOM OBLIGATAIRE, AXIOM OPTIMAL FIX and AXIOM LONG SHORT into the Luxembourg SICAV Axiom Lux. The names of the new sub-funds will remain unchanged after the transfer.

The purpose of the merger is to make it easier for international investors to subscribe to the funds.

The transfer by way of a “cross-border merger” will have no impact on the profile of each fund or its investment process. The transaction will have no tax consequences for the holders, whether they are a natural or legal person. Each holder will automatically retain the same number of equivalent shares. The net asset value (NAV) history of the newly-established sub-funds will be a continuation of that of the respective merging funds. The merger does not require any action on your part.

As an illustrative example, if you hold 10 shares in one of the merging funds, Axiom Optimal Fix Class C with ISIN code FR0012807220, you will automatically own 10 shares in the sub-fund Axiom Optimal Fix Class C of the Axiom Lux SICAV under the new ISIN code LU1876459725 once the merger is completed. 

To facilitate the merger’s completion, subscription and redemption requests will be suspended for a period of 4 business days after which they will resume on the receiving SICAV in Luxembourg format. The net asset value of each share class will be published during the 4 days of suspension.

The key dates are summarised in the following table:

For more details on this transaction, please refer to the newsletter for all shareholders containing the legal information required by the French and Luxembourg supervisory authorities (see the newsletters on your right hand side on this page).

Do not hesitate to reach out to your usual sales contact for more information or for any questions.